"Wyoming, the Pioneer Woman Suffrage State" in Laramie Daily Boomerang, 3 October 1913

Colonel William H. Bright was born in Virginia, fought for the Union during the Civil War, and was a saloonkeeper in a small town near Cheyenne. Bright was the individual who introduced the bill that would give women the right to vote in Wyoming. Bright was voted as the President of the Council for the First Legislature. Many individuals on the council had the thought that if Black and Chinese men would have the right to vote then white women should also have that right to vote, Bright agreed with this argument. Esther Morris supported Bright and in early 1870 was appointed Justice of Peace, being the first women to ever hold a public office.

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Clarice Whittenburg papers, Collection No. 400066, Box 20, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
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